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The company is engaged in software and hardware projects and subprojects outsourcing, research and development.

AvantLab transfers its knowledge, experience and professional attitude to benefit clients through the adaptive service model, which comprises the following basic services:

- Collaborative Development Services (this corresponds to “Dedicated Team” business model),
- Custom Applications Development (this corresponds to “Custom Project Development” business model),

Other services, just rarely referred, but also important, includes:

- The ability to perform separated development functions within on-going projects,
- Research and development, technology and innovation evaluation, identification of alternative technologies and approaches, learning and teaching of specialists to new technologies,
- Product enhancements, technology improvements, re-engineering (including legacy system re-engineering) and migration,
- Rapid prototyping,
- Enterprise Application Integration,
- Enterprise Security,
- Software Testing (Quality Assurance),
- System maintenance and Support,
- Customer Service Outsourcing

The services, mentioned above cover the whole process from outsourcing feasibility study through implementation of the suitable solutions. The main steps are:

<> analyzing of outsourcing possibilities and alignment with Client's corporate strategy,
<> selection of the outsourcing strategy,
<> ensuring readiness of Clients organization to follow the selected strategy by implementing new processes and methodologies when necessary,
<> implementing the selected outsourcing solutions.

Basic services, more detailed description:

- Collaborative Development Services

Working as an extension of the existing development team, AvantLab effectively handles a separate workflow of the development process as well as provides independent quality assurance, re-engineering, research & development and other related services.

Usually this corresponds to “Dedicated Team” business model.

- Custom Applications Development

Full-lifecycle development service, starting from early-stage analysis of a project concept up to the post-production support and maintenance.

Usually this corresponds to “Custom Project Development” business model.

Rarely referred, but also important services.

- The ability to perform separated development functions within on-going projects.

This service is applicable when Client does not want to outsource the whole project or spent his time for dedicated team, but wants to outsource some functions or modules. Such functions or modules can be easily separated from the whole project and can be easily tested. This service allows Client to concentrate on whole system development and save time on outsourced modules.

- Research and development, technology and innovation evaluation, identification of alternative technologies and approaches, learning and teaching of specialists to new technologies

AvantLab can provide necessary research in different areas. The aim of this is to provide Client with necessary information for decision making and to gain experience in AvantLab itself. Usually such experience is greatly demanded for further development process. AvantLab is very careful about such experience and it perfectly combines with the Company's strategy to learn and teach their specialists to new technologies. If we do not have some particular experience we can gain it! Read more about our strategy how to teach specialists and gain necessary experience.

Due to the spirit of innovation and diversity and being in the center of scientific community, AvantLab is involved in different research areas. Read more…

For our Clients we can find and invite needed specialists and arrange R&D work to be carried out in high-caliber scientific and research institutions throughout Russia , under managed framework and manner.

- Product enhancements, technology improvements, re-engineering (including legacy system re-engineering) and migration.

AvantLab offers the widest range of product enhancements, technology improvements, re-engineering and migration, including complete system redevelopment. We can provide migration from one environment (or operating system) to another, programming language migration, reverse engineering, and system scaling for Client's growing demands, while preserving all of established business practices incorporated into the old system.

- Rapid prototyping

Fist of all this is proof-of-concept before investing into something large. This can be checking of new technology or demonstrations of proposed user interface, architecture and system design. Once being developed, the prototype can be used for demonstration purposes or for further technological experiments or for building business cases for the proposed solution. In further work it can be used as groundwork for implementation of a complete full and scalable solution.

AvantLab can quickly organize product development and prototype building efforts.

This dramatically reduces new product introduction cycle time and thus significantly reduces the cost of innovations for our clients.

- Enterprise Application Integration

Integration assumes the sharing of data and business processes among any connected applications and data sources in the enterprise, adding new technologies, third party components or even applications to existing system. It enables secure, reliable movement of information and transactions in internal applications. We can make integration for you.

- Enterprise Security

Nowadays with widespread of IT, paperless technologies, it's more important than ever to protect your vital data. The information value of your successful business activities becomes increasingly high. Therefore, it becomes necessary to utilize the expert's knowledge in data protection, provide reliable information protection methods and do not allow criminals to get access to your data. AvantLab is proud to claim we have such experience and specialists. Feel free to ask us for more information.

- Software Testing (Quality Assurance)

AvantLab provides rigorous, refined Quality Assurance and Testing services. We can test your entire application or parts of it, enforcing specific, innovative indicators; we can provide complete automated testing solution for quality assuring software that needs to be tested, and tested thoroughly. Combining proven methods, testing best practices, our outsourcing solution lowers costs, improves organizational focus and increases speed and flexibility. As a strategic outsource provider AvantLab understands your needs and delivers test results, costs within budget, service levels and clear test plans and procedures.

- System maintenance and Support

We can take care about your systems. AvantLab is able to support and maintain systems and solutions that were developed by us or by the 3rd parties. It may happen that your developed software solution or even the whole IT infrastructure requires maintenance and support. Your savings will result from prolonging the life of your IT investments and lowering service and optimization costs.

- Customer Service Outsourcing

We can take care about your customers. Not all, but some routine work on maintaining individual account, checking the customer situation, log analyzing, email or chat answering. We can provide 24x7 stand-by maintenance and technical support and arrange help desk services.

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