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As a young company we do not have the long list of our projects. However, combining with the experience of developers and manager we cover the full list of services and technologies.

Below is a list of some long-term or significant completed and on-going projects within the company. Some of them could not be fully disclosed due to NDA.

Completed projects:

1. June-Sept 2005. “SIP file transfer”, core and user interface for pear-to-pear file transfer between two clients, running Symbian mobile phones. Customers from Finland , Oulu University.

2. June-July 2005 . “bzip2”, compression/decompression utility for Symbian platform. Customers from Finland , Oulu University.

3. 2004, 2005. Web-site graphic design and development. Flash projects, 3D modeling projects in Maya and other 3D tools. Customers from the Russia, Netherlands.

4. 2004, 2005. A few CMS projects. Java, JSP, python, Zope, Plone, OpenCMS. Mamboserver CMS. Customers from the Netherlands.

5. Dec. 2003 . Vodaphone version of the OneHello site, with Vodaphone PML (Partner Markup Language). Customer from the Netherlands.

6. May 2003 – March 2004. OneHello, the leading Netherlands dating agency. We worked as dedicated team on service enhancement. Some interesting works included chat system and instant messenger, integration of both, e-mail system, WebObjects components, OLAP research and building, i-mode version of the site (for different handsets), etc. The big, very functional portal was implemented in Apple's WebObjects tools (Java) and Sybase database. Customer from the Netherlands.

7. March-April 2003. Voice recruiting system with VoiceXML. Implementation: Java, JSP/servlets, PostgreSql database. The system allows creating a web-resume of job applicants, using telephony. The job applicant calls the specific phone number. The system asks applicant for questions, specified for this or those open position and records his/her answers to the database. The hiring manager can see and further maintain the applicants' data with web-interface. Customer from USA.

8. Feb 2003. Voice login subsystem with CallXML. Implementation: Java, EJB, JDBC, Oracle. The login subsystem is an essential part of any voice- or computer telephony system. The subsystem utilizes VoiceXML speech recognition facilities, ANI (CallerID) information and allows or disallow to access to some services with accordance of specific rules. Customer from USA.

On-going projects:

9. 2004, 2005– now. Some other projects in MMbase ( Netherlands ).
Some Java, XML/XSL projects. Also some projects for Russian, UK and USA customers.

10. Oct. 2004 – now. Didactor, the large eLearning system. Implemented in MMbase framework. Customer from the Netherlands.

11. Sept 2004 – now. JobbingMall. “shop of jobs”, for NL recruiting agency. WebObjects, Java, ObjectiveC. Customer from the Netherlands.

Research projects (with low priority now):

2004, 2005. Videoconferencing, software implementations, additional services.
2004, 2005. Grid, cluster computing
2004, 2005. Information protection projects
2004, 2005. Image processing
2004, 2005. Modelling
2004, 2005. Security

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